Chakra Balancing with  Essential Oils , Chakra Mantras and Thai Yoga Stretches.
Experience what it is like to balance your main chakras through the use of a few Thai stretches, Chakra Mantras and essential oils.

Blocked Chakras can limit your available energy, spiritual progress, physical health, and mental function. 

During this unique practical workshop you will learn:

  • What are the therapeutic grade essential oils? Why do they work? Why we use them?
  • How to relieve body's tension with Light Thai Stretches?
  • What is Chakra? Why we need them to be balanced?
  • What is the mantra? Why people chant them?
Then you will be guided through the sequence of the essential oils applications and chanting Mantras to balance the body energy.

 We finish our workshop with Heart Coherence Meditation. 

Each participant will receive an easy to use Chakra Balancing printouts after the registration.

Where: Brampton, ON

Please wear loose clothes (long pants and a long sleeve t-shirt).
We provide filtered water.

Registration. Transfer $25.00  ( HST included) to to reserve your spot. Once you do it, we text you the address and prepare the printing materials and invoice for you. 

You will leave this workshop relaxed, balanced and ready to face everyday challenges.

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